Terrabio™ technology is a ready-to-use platform that corresponds to the global need for:

  • quality control and food safety at every stage of the production and distribution process;

  • control of water safety in industry, transportation, food production;

  • reducing the use of pesticides toward higher product quality, improving the profitability of agricultural production, and caring for the environment;

  • reducing food loss and food waste throughout the food production and distribution chain;

  • effectively combating the phenomenon of drug resistance in veterinary medicine.

Terrabio™ offers fast and mobile rtPCR diagnostics for plant diseases, water and food safety.
The Terrabio™ team is made up of experts in the fields of molecular biology, phytopathology, engineering and electronics. Together they have developed a unique platform for rtPCR screening detection, as well as ready to use, dedicated reaction systems corresponding to current market needs.

Terrabio offers the world's most compact and complete DNA isolation and amplification platform. It is EMC-compliant and will soon receive recognized certification for its claimed device performance.


  • the company is the author of the world's unique and only rtPCR standard mobile pathogen detection technology, which took the form of the compact and complete Terralyzer™ device;

  • has patent protection and the necessary trademarks, which guarantee the security of the developed innovation and build an attractive market value;

  • both the device and the first reaction systems are ready and undergoing final validation tests involving customers and experts from the target market segments;

  • the food pathogen testing market is estimated to reach more than $10 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 7.5%;

  • key distribution destinations for devices and tests from Terrabio™ are Europe, both Americas and Asia;

  • the Terrabio™ solution has broad applications in the areas of both food production and processing, as well as livestock and companion animal veterinary medicine. In each, it provides real economic and social benefits;

  • Terrabio™ has a highly specialized team ready to further develop its offerings in both bacterial pathogen detection and to expand the technology due to virus detection capabilities;

  • further Terrabio™ solutions will power the company's patent cloud.

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