rtPCR at your service

PCR at your service


Terralyzer™ is the first mobile genetic analyser on the agri-food market. An innovative device that performs isolation, amplification, detection and interpretation of sample results (any biological material containing DNA) in a few simple steps. All in an extremely compact package and using patented technology that provides results in less than 90 minutes.

Areas of implementation: agricultural, food production and processing, water safety testing, egg production and packing, breeding, veterinary (pets, livestock), distribution and storage, laboratory diagnostics, commodity inspection.

The Terrabio™ analyzer technology is based on a patented heating, measuring and detection system with excellent thermal and energy parameters and the gold standard in pathogen diagnostics - real-time PCR. The solution does not require constant low temperature storage of the test kits, and the test itself can be performed at the site of sample collection, without the need to transport the sample.
The Terrabio™ solution will identify with maximum efficiency any predefined pathogen in the fields of plant and animal diseases, water and food safety, and all other areas where effective and rapid threat detection will translate into real benefits. No existing non-laboratory solution to date can achieve the sensitivity, specificity and low cost that our platform offers today.


Time from sample collection to result - maximum 90 minutes. DNA isolation as part of the procedure.

Groundbreaking ease of use

Complete real time PCR assay in three easy steps (sample preparation - PCR reaction - result interpretation. The test kit contains necessary equipment with instructions on how to proceed.

Wide range of applications

The Terrabio™ diagnostic platform shows potential in the daily practice of the agricultural, food, diagnostic, veterinary, commercial and even insurance sectors.


The device offers 4 reaction slots, each equipped with 4 detection channels. The maximum capacity is the detection of 16 pathogens in one cycle of operation or 12 pathogens with additional internal control.

Forecasting platform

Data on the actual presence of pathogens in agricultural crops, combined with a dedicated aggregation procedure, will enrich existing forecasting models.


The Terralyzer™ works fully automatically. Simply apply a drop of biological material to an extraction tube. After isolation, neutralize the contents and place them in a dedicated reaction tube. After selecting the pathogen from the list available in the app, the device will automatically run the tests and provide the result.

Material which can be tested:





any biological material

How does Terralyzer work


Perform the isolation (isolation slot is in the center of the deck) then neutralize the sample by placing the material in dedicated buffer.


Transfer a drop of material to a reaction tube and place it in the selected reaction slot of the device 1-4)


Select the pathogen you are looking for from the list in app, point to the socket with the reaction tube and start the test.


The device will conduct the test and analyze the results without your involvement.
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