Top Farms’ field tests

Watch the relation of TERRALYZER ® field tests, which were conducted in the fields of Top Farms Poland within the Top Farms Technology Zone.

Top Farms is a leading producer of high quality food and raw materials and products for agri-food processing, a leader
in the production of cereal seed material, as well as in dairy cattle breeding. The company operates in an area of over 30 thousand hectares in the Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Opolskie voivodships.

The test of the mobile genetic analyser took place on a sample of triticale, spelt and wheat grain. The tests included four categories:

  1. Esy of use
  2. Analysis time
  3. Cost of testing
  4. Quality of test.

The results clearly show that the test is extremely easy to perform and the result is obtained within 60 – 90 minutes, instead of waiting 14 days. In terms of cost, a Terrabio test cost about PLN 16-20, whereas in the case of a laboratory test this cost may reach even PLN 300. The results obtained from the Terrabio analyzer are identical to those obtained in the laboratory.

Link to the video is here.