Experts with narrow specialisations, able to combine classic standards of molecular diagnostics with the latest technical achievements in chemistry and bioengineering. Owing to their unique experience and passion they can create and implement innovative solutions for the agri-food market.



Marcin BabilasCEO

A graduate of the Faculty of Food Technology at the Agricultural University of Poznań. Marcin has many years of experience in the agro and agri-food processing sectors. He worked in managerial positions in Nutripol, Agrii, Energa Bio, Agrivi, Elstar Oils S.A. or Cefetra. Prince2® certified.

His responsibilities within the company involve business development and team management.

Bartosz PencakowskiCTO, Molecular genetics and diagnostic processes specialist

A graduate of the Medical University of Wroclaw with , a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology of the Medical University of Wroclaw since 2014. Involved in the study of the genetics of metabolic pathways of medicinal plants, as well as in the phylogenetics and molecular taxonomy of plants and fungi. Experienced in designing and optimizing experiments utilizing molecular biology .Co-author of scientific articles with international range.

At Terrabio, he is actively involved in R&D efforts related to the detection of genetic material of pathogens, as well as the development of DNA isolation methodology.

Grzegorz BonikowskiDesign and construction specialist

Electronics and industrial automation. A graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology. He has many years of experience in designing electronic diagrams, PCBs, programming, including embedded programming, testing devices for their electromagnetic compatibility and their implementation into production.

Grzegorz is responsible for the implementation of a microprocessor controller to operate the heating and cooling module, development of communication between the controller and the control unit and performance of functional tests.

Marta StafiniakSpecjalista ds. biologii molekularnej

Graduate of Biology with a specialization in applied biology at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław. Since 2014 an employee of the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology and Botany, and since 2017 a researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the Medical University of Wroclaw.

Marta has several years of experience in laboratory work, including over 6 years in the field of molecular biology. She conducts work in the field of widely understood genetics of crop plants and medicinal plants, with an emphasis on the study of metabolic pathways and DNA profiling. She has experience in conducting in vitro plant cell culture and designing experiments using molecular biology methods. Co-author of international scientific publications.

Marta is responsible for the design, implementation and optimization of diagnostic processes, genetic analyzes as well as data processing and archiving.

Agata Kaczmarek-PieńczewskaPathogen isolation and breeding specialist

A graduate of agriculture with a specialization in plant protection at the Agricultural University of Wrocław. She started her professional career in 2006 at the same university (currently Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences), where she works as a senior specialist in the Department of Phytopathology and Mycology at the Department of Plant Protection. Agata has many years of experience in laboratory work. She has been participating in numerous research projects, resulting in scientific publications with her co-authorship.

Agata is responsible for the isolation of pathogens from plant material, growing fungi on microbiological media and marking them to species under the microscope.

Henryk RoguszczakConsultant of the construction processes department

Coordinator of R & D works in the company in the areas of the analyzer and diagnostic reaction cards. An expert at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology at the Faculty of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics, a versatile, talented electronics engineer and a designer of advanced electronic devices. He co-created such devices as the portable X-ray source “Photon Needle” for medical applications for the Institute for Nuclear Studies in Świerk, a 300 W plasma generator for technological processes in the SECON device at the Institute of Electron Technology in Warsaw or IV Measurement Systems (Photoemission Tech, Inc. Camarillo US). An author of patents and over 80 domestic and foreign scientific publications.

He was awarded the title of the second lieutenant of the Polish Armed Forces in the Central Training Center of Technical Specialists of the Air Force.