First TERRALYZER® tests in Spain and Portugal!

The proprietary pathogen detection system has been tested on maize and tomato crops in Spain and Portugal. The aim was to analyze the presence of Fusarium spp and Botrytis cinerea as part of the TestFarms project organized by the European Institute of Technology in cooperation with TEPRO – the crop manager, where the pilot analyzes took place.

Courtesy of Ignácio Arrobas (TEPRO), Terrabio team were able to learn more about the local problems caused by common crop pathogens.

The visit was marked by a review of arable fields, sampling for research, Terralizer tests, consultations as well as meetings and discussions on the results of tests based on Terrabio technology.

The technology and the results obtained aroused great interest of TEPRO representatives. The scope of activities as part of further cooperation in the project was determined and the areas of agricultural production were selected in which the system will find the best application.