At the moment, molecular diagnostics requires that the user be able to handle laboratory equipment and know how to prepare a sample. The technology used in Terrabio offers incredible ease of testing. An intuitive and simple test can be performed by anyone without any prior training. The agri-food industry can definitely increase the effectiveness of pathogen monitoring, reduce the losses in a shorter time, and raise the quality standards as expected by the customers and consumers alike.


Marcin Babilas

Terrabio offers quick diagnostics in the field of plant diseases and the safety of water and food.


The Terrabio team consists of outstanding experts with narrow specialisations and an open-minded approach to new ideas and innovative technologies. The Company is building its position in the molecular diagnostics market on combined efforts of ambitious young scientists, commercialisation specialists and management professionals.




Terrabio is going to offers the first genetic analyser dedicated to the agri-food market. The Terrabio solution have been developing effective in almost 99.9% in the detection of any pre-defined pathogen, which will greatly help fruit and vegetable producers. The Company objective for 2020–2021 is to adapt the second version of the device for production purposes, and validate, certify and manufacture the first batch. Market expansion is planned to start in 2022.



  • Development of a globally innovative, mobile diagnostic device.
  • A constantly growing patent cloud. The proprietary detection method and the device itself are protected by international patent applications.
  • A relatively inexpensive solution; quicker results (compared to the existing diagnostic systems); no need for the involvement of qualified personnel; sensitivity and specificity of up to 99%; storage of tests in field conditions.
  • Reduction of spraying costs and losses caused by diseases.
  • Access to information on the presence of a specific pathogen or pest allows for selecting a targeted pesticide, which will translate into savings, coupled with smaller environmental exploitation and contamination.
  • In 2017, the entire market of food safety and diagnostics was worth 12.85 billion USD. In 2022, the same market will be worth 18.54 billion USD.
  • Pathogen detection tests account for as much as 66.2% of global tests. The value of food pathogen detection tests in 2017 amounted to 8.51 billion USD